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Potamia & Skala Potamia

The village of Potamia is one of the most famous villages on the island. Built on the foot of the largest mountain of Thassos, Potamia offers a beautiful landscape with thick vegetation and unspoiled nature. People visiting Potamia will especially enjoy the opportunity of hiking through the forest on a pleasant mountain trail all the way to the heights of Mt. Ipsario. This is one of the few places on the island where one can choose to conquer the highest peak of Thassos. One of the biggest attractions of the village is the museum of the world-famous sculptor Polygnotus Vagis. The museum was built here in his honor because of Potamia being his place of origin.

Two to three kilometres away from Potamia is Skala Potamia, which is the coastal part of the village. Accompanied with beautiful beaches and shallow blue waters, Skala Potamia is a an attraction for thousands of tourists every summer. The bay of Skala Potamia, known as Golden Beach, is among the most beautiful beaches on the island with a unique and breath-taking combination of both sea and vegetation, where in many places the trees reach as far as the sandy beaches.

Golden Beach stretches over nearly 3 km of coastline, offering crystal clear water that is shallow and safe for children of all ages. Much of the beach is well-organized with sunbeds and umbrellas available for a low cost, as well as restaurants, beach bars and cafés.

At Skala Potamia's small fishing port you will see the historical building "Tarsanas", built in the 19th century by monks from the holy Mount Athos in Agios Oros. Taking an evening stroll around the port and the village's small square is a delightful and relaxing experience, where you will find plenty of restaurants and tavernas serving local traditional foods of Thassos, along with stores and shops that are fun to visit and find interesting products and souvenirs for good bargains!


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